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28-Day Wine System Equipment

28-Day Concentrate Wine Making System


Quantity Item # Description & Use
1 PRI-7.8 7.8 GALLON PRIMARY FERMENTER - Our best food grade quality plastic primary fermenter. The fermentation is started in this bucket and will normally progress to 75% to 100% completion over the first days. Then, the wine can be racked (a wine term for transferring the wine to eliminate sediment) into a single glass carboy by using the AUTOMATIC SIPHON and TUBING.
1 LID-G7.8 LID, for the 7.8 PRIMING BUCKET, with a GROMMET - The lid is equipped with a gasket to ensure a tight seal and is grommeted for use with the airlock.
1 CAR-6 6 GALLON GLASS CARBOY - will function as your secondary fermenter. Here the fermentation will be completed and the clarity will be start to be achieved over the 10 day to 3 weeks that it will remain in this fermenter.
1 CAR-5 5 GALLON GLASS CARBOY— Due to the transfer procedures in making 28-day wines, I recommend a 5-gallon carboy for the last stage so that it is not necessary to top up the final carboy with sacrificial wines or be tempted to top up with water. Due to fact that this carboy will hold almost 5.5 gallons, you will net a full 27 bottles of great wine.
1 SIP-A AUTOMATIC SIPHON STARTER - This is a 24” racking tube / one-way pump combination apparatus that is used with the 5’ section of TUBING to transfer wine from one fermenter to another while eliminating sediment hue to restrictive cap on the end of the unit.
1 HYD-S HYDROMETER - Specific gravity, potential alcohol and sugar scales. Easy to read. Plastic case can function as a test jar. Can be used to determine the completion of fermentation.
1 BAG-W1 Wine equipment bag which includes:




1 TUB-R5 5’ of section of 3/8” ID food-grade siphoning TUBING

1 BBT 8 oz tub of B-BRITE

Recommended Add-ons

1 CAR-M Carboy Mixer — Attaches to a variable speed drill with expanded wings.


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