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Welcome to our coupon page. We don't want your money, we want your business. And to get it, we are going to work for it. We are committed to giving you quick turn around on your orders, supplying you with quality equipment, fresh ingredients at reasonable prices.

But yet, we want to save you even more money so on this page we will offer you coupons and other ways that you can save more money.

Be selective because we can't afford to have customers "double dipping", using more than 1 coupon to stack discounts on 1 or more items. If you stack coupons, your order will go through the system without error; however, we will be forced to delay processing your order as we attempt to contact you to resolve the issues.
Buyer's Club
This is a club that saves you 10% of the regular price on most of your purchases for a calendar year. Annual enrollment fees are $15 and your saving start immediately.

Using the Buyer's Club Membership coupon code, indicates your willingness and desire to stay current on any fees that are necessary to keep your discounts active. By using the code MEM-IBU, you are authorizing us to renew your membership, $15 annual fee, if your membership has expired.

If you have not been a member before, by using this coupon code, you are authorizing us to charge the annual fees of $15 for enrollment in the buyer's club.

This coupon can not be coupled with any other coupons and do NOT effect price of any "special" or "discounted" items.
MULTIPLE USES PER CUSTOMER -------------------------------------------- get COUPON CODE

10% OFF $100 Purchase Discount Coupon
This coupon can be applied to any order that exceeds $100 in total product purchases. The 10% DISCOUNT will be applied to ALL items that are not discounted or reduced in price.
Please do not NOT team this coupon with any other offers.

ONE-TIME USE PER CUSTOMER --------------------------------------------- COUPON CODE: 10-OFF-100

Belmont Pick-Up Coupon
This coupon should only be used by customers with the intent to pick-up the order at one of our locations. Misuse of this coupon can cause delays in shipping.

instead of having it shipped!

MULTIPLE USES - Belmont PICK-UP ----------------------------------------- COUPON CODE: PU-BEL
MULTIPLE USES - Charlotte PICK-UP on South Blvd --------------------- COUPON CODE: PU-SB
MULTIPLE USES - Cornelius PICK-UP ---------------------------------------- COUPON CODE: PU-COR

10% Off Starter Equipment Packages
You are entitled to a DISCOUNT of 10% on the purchase price of any of the following starter equipment packages that are linked to below:

Home Brewing Starter Equipment Kits

Home Brewing Starter Draft Equipment Kits

Wine Making Starter Equipment Kits

Included with the purchase of one of our equipment packages will be a three month membership in our buyers club.

This coupon can not be coupled with any other coupons and do NOT effect price of any "special" or "discounted" items.
MULTIPLE USES PER CUSTOMER -------------------------------------------- no coupon necessary

Malt Bank
The Malt Bank is a virtual Bank for Malts. Purchase a bulk bag of malt, store it is the Malt Bank instead of taking it home. Make your withdraws anytime you want at no charge. Available for RETAIL STORE customers only at this time.

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