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Getting Started in Winemaking

Getting Started in Winemaking

Hi, I'm Jess and I will help you.

Let's start with information.  The 4-week wine kits are surprisingly good as well as simple.  They will easily make 24-27 bottles that will be equivalent to $7-15 bottles of commercial wines from California, France, Germany, etc.   Basic 28-Day Kit Instructions will introduce you to the process you will go through - start to finish.

You will need our 28-Day Concentrate System to implement one of these wine kits. I would recommend starting with a 28-day kit from the selection from Grand CruVino del Vida orVintner's Reserve.

Now, if you have fresh fruit that you want to turn into wine,  you should read my articles on:
Winemaker's Objectives
Ten Steps for making Good Wine, and 
Essential Wine Additives.

The advanced fresh fruit wine system is slightly different and can be used for making 4-week wines.  Besides the equipment, when making fresh fruit wines you will also need the wine additives mentioned earlier.

The systems will include everything needed to take you through to the bottling process.  At that time, you can select cork finished bottles or screw cap bottles or you can use bottles that you have saved.  Bottles are more are of an indication of pride.   

I hope that this helps.  I take pride in getting people started in winemaking correctly and I will be glad to assist you.


The information links on this page are located in the Wine Section of the Primary Newspages.
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Our complete list of wine kits are indexed here. 

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