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Party Keg Operating Procedures


The Party Keg System

Our Party Keg System includes the items listed below.

1 PK-TM Party Star Deluxe CO2 Tap

4 PK-MP 5 Liter Kegs

4 PK-B Rubber Bungs

1 CO2-BL 16 Gram CO2 Bulbs

1 BRU-PK Party Keg Brush

1 KEG-LUBE Keg Lube

Operational Instructions:

When priming beer for 5 liter kegs, use 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar per keg. Bulk priming of the entire batch can be accomplished very easily. Treat the kegs like giant beer bottles, fill the kegs within an inch of the top of the keg. After 2 weeks there should be sufficient carbonation built up. While the first 1 to 3 glasses of beer can be dispensed without CO2 turned on, always turn the CO2 on long enough to fill the head space.

If using the air pump style of tap the beer must be consumed quickly.  Any remaining beer would be flat and oxidized by the next day, so it's perfect for parties.

If using the Beer King or Party Star taps, you can apply CO2, so the beer can be enjoyed over several weeks. When dispensing the beer, push the lever down all the way. A lever pushed only partially down will create excessive foam.

Never use incompatible CO2 bulbs, because they may not pierce correctly and could be dangerous. When activating a new CO2 bulb, be sure to tighten the bulb holder sufficiently to the tap; otherwise, the gas from the bulb may leak out. The bulb holder is designed for 16 gram bulbs and it's the best kind to use. If an 8 gram C02 bulb us used, you must use an adapter. Other objects will block the emergency pressure release hole in the back of the holder. This could cause an explosion. We stock only compatible parts for the 5 liter kegging system.

Do not try to screw out a C02 bulb that is not totally empty. Simply loosen the bulb with only 1 or 2 turns then you will hear gas flowing out through the hole in the back of holder. When the gas stops then it's safe to unscrew and remove the bulb.

Be careful when inserting the tap into a keg, pushing straight down into the keg. Plastic pick-up stem is somewhat fragile and will not take a lot of abuse.

The 5 liter kegs and bungs are all re-usable so it is an investment that will be appreciated for a long time.

Cleaning accessories:

Party Keg Brush

Jet Bottle Washer & Adapter (if needed)


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