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Wyeast User's Guide

Wyeast Labs Liquid Yeast Strains 
Extra Large Smack Pack

Wyeast Lab techs suggest that their yeast is good for 5-6 months. 

Our policy on stocking & shipping liquid yeast is: 

  • keep our yeast as fresh as possible. When we are forced to sell yeast that is older than 3 months, we include a FREE yeast starter. 
  • try to insure that deliveries are never in transit over the weekend.
  • we protect yeast from heat by use of frozen gel pack at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. 
  • RECOMMEND choosing shipping methods that limit delivery to a 1-2 day delivery window.
  • recommend the use of starters.

Use of Wyeast Labs smack packs of yeast do require a little extra organization on the part of the brewer. With the smack packs, making a starter is not only an option it is highly recommended to insure your success when making most 5 gallon batches. 

If the packaging date is over 1 month old, it is highly recommended that you make a starter. 
If it over 2 months old it is imperative that a starter by utilized for best results. 

In every case, if the yeast is NOT active in the batch within 24 hours we highly recommend pitching a dry pack of yeast to prevent wild yeast and/or bacteria from having an impact on the batch. 

NEVER REPITCH WITH A LIQUID YEAST - it takes too long to achieve activity.


The yeast should be refrigerated upon receipt until desired for use. 

The smack pack will require l-3 days to activate (expand) prior to making the batch of beer DEPENDING ON HOW LONG THE PACKAGE HAS BEEN MADE. 

Activate package prior to brewing at the ration of one day prior for every month beyond the manufacturers date stamped on the package. 

Normal shelf life is five (5) to six (6) months if refrigerated. 

For BEST results, use ASAP. 

For even BETTER results, ALWAYS make a starter.

Activation Recommended Procedures:

Lay package on a flat surface.

Locate the bulged seal area of the inner package. Place the palm of one hand between the bottom of the package and the bulged seal. With your other hand, press firmly on the bulge to break the inner seal. You will know the seal is broken when the bulge is flattened. Mix the yeast and nutrients by kneading the package.

Shake the package well. Allow to incubate at 70-80oF until the package swells to at least one inch thick.

It is now time to make a starter.

Once the starter is active, you can proceed with your normal brewing procedures.

We want to pitch (add) the yeast to a wort at a 75° temperature for ALES or 70° temperature for LAGERS. If you are boiling half the batch in your brew kettle, chill it to the calculated temperature to achieved prior to increasing the batch to the full 5 gallon volume. Once the batch is full size and proper temp as previously stated, stir the yeast starter bottle well to get the yeast into solution. Pour the entire contents of the starter bottle into the fermenter.

Yeast active should be evident in less than 12 hours using this method.

It the batch does NOT achieve activity within 24 hours, repitch with dry yeast.


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