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Rhizome shouldn't be planted outside until after the last frost.
We can schedule your shipment to by a certain date.

2016 Rhizome's Pre-order!

Our final initial order arrived TODAY at 5pm (04/11)!

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Buy 1 rhizome for the price of - $4.25

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2-9 Rhizomes - $3.99
10-49 Rhizomes - $3.82
 50-99 Rhizomes - $3.61
100-199 Rhizomes - $3.40
200+ Rhizomes - $3.18

*We guarantee our rhizomes to sprout if you follow our proven suggestions! If for some reason yours don't pop... We will refund half their value to be used towards a replacement or future order, or next years crop of fresh hardy rhizomes!*

Grow your own hops and add that special ingredient to your beer. These hardy climbing perennial vines grow 20-25 feet in a season and may be grown successfully in most states. The vines have been known to grow a foot in a day under ideal conditions. They will die back to the crown each fall. Heavy mulching will protect them from ground freeze. Hop rhizomes are available in spring each year. Shipments usually begin arriving in mid to late March.

The most expensive ingredient in most beers is the hop. Depending on your location, you can grow your own hops fairly easily, eliminating another expense of brewing. Hop vines grow well in most climates, but are susceptible to the atmospheric changes that occur in the higher altitudes. The vines are usually trained with twine and posts. The available space you have will dictate the method you use. There are methods of growing hops too numerous to mention, but the end results are very much the same. It is a hardy plant that can survive mistakes, even abuses except lack of water.

There is simply no substitute for a newly grown hop cone for imparting aroma and flavor. Being that they will be hand picked, the lupulin glands of the hop, the parts responsible for the essential oils and aroma of the hop, are not damaged to as great an extent as those which are mechanically harvested, as most hops are.

Upon arrival, store the hops in a plastic bag in a slightly moist condition and keep refrigerated until you are ready to plant. If the rhizomes dry out, you will need to soak them for short while to increase your chances of success.

We recommend 2 rhizomes per hill.

Hop rhizomes are normally available from early March until sometime in May.

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