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English Oatmeal Stout

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English Sweet Porter

English Old Peculiar
Color International Bittering Units Alcohol
47 27 +/- 5.3

This is a strong ale with a high hopping rate that is subdued by the addition of molasses, which adds that distinct ‘Old Peculiar’ character. This beer is dark amber in color with a medium to full body, and malty with a hop bitterness that is apparent but not aggressive. Some sweetness will be apparent from the molasses, and flavor and aroma will be assertive.

Commercial example: Old Peculiar

NEEDED: (available at most grocery stores)
4 to 8 ounces of Molasses

Extract Recipe Package without Yeast
Order yeast separately
Item # Your Price Shipping Weight
T-SS-EOP $36.29 8.1


Yeast Recommendations

White Labs Pitchable Vial:
Dry Yeast:
Danstar Windsor
Fermentation Temperatures:
66 - 71
Fermentation Temperatures:
64 - 70

Why would you buy a recipe without yeast?

  • You already have yeast
  • You will buy yeast from another source
  • You won't be brewing for a while and you'll get yeast later

Bottom Line: you always need yeast

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