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Bayou Classic Tall Propane Cooker Model SP-50 SKU: PC-HP-SP50 Price: $67.25 Be the first one to write a review
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This propane cooker is from the famous Bayou Classic selection. No one does propane cookers better.

This welded steel frame cooker comes with a high pressure burner head, a 29 inch LPG rubber hose, a 10 PSI adjustable regulator and a 360 windscreen protection.

It will be ideal for moving your brewing outside thus eliminating the aromas of brewing in the house. With the cooker, you'll have a heat source great enough to boil the entire batch instead of the normal boil size on an electric stove. You might consider some of our excellent brew kettles. Should you go in the direction of full batch boils, you'll need to consider a wort chiller for cooling the wort.

Cooking Surface = 14 inch diameter
Height = 21 inches.
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