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Old Flat Tire PKG SKU: T-AD-OFT Price: $37.75 On Sale! $32.09 Be the first one to write a review
16 SRM | 14 +/- I.B.U.s | 4.6% ABV

This recipe does not include brewers yeast. We suggest Safale US-05 or White Labs WLP001
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This recipe achieves that balance of depth of flavor of the hops with a nice complement of maltiness. It is in the tea color range with out being assertive in its bitterness. The hop flavor and aroma come to the forefront in this styleŚleaving you wanting more.

Commercial example: New Belgian Fat Tire
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High yielding, flora American aroma type.
Extremely hardy, will grow most anywhere.
Good START-UP hop.
Grows well in all Climates.
Susceptible to aphids.

4.5 - 7.0 projected alpha range
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