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Ger Dortmunder Export PKG SKU: T-LP-GDX Price: $35.59 Ger Dortmunder Export PKG
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6 SRM | 23 +/- I.B.U.s | 5.0% ABV

This recipe does not include brewers yeast. We suggest Safale US-05 or White Labs WLP830
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Our Dortmunder Export was formulated to complement our German Lagers. This style will the have the least bitterness and body of this group and more malt flavor, color, and hop aroma. It should help pass those hot summer days in style. It uses traditional German noble hop varieties. The aromatic qualities are enhanced by the dry hopping method employed.

In the style of: Dortmunder Export, Saratoga Lager
Ger Dortmunder Export PKG
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Ger Dortmunder Export PKG
a very pleasant surprise10/02/2016
By bigvise jack
With the very first taste of this beer came the fine taste of spice. The color is beautiful and retains the head very well.

I did not dry hop nor did I keg this batch. A real winner and i'll brew again

Bigvise Jack