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Cream of the Crop Milk Stout PKG SKU: T-PS-CCM Price: $37.35 On Sale! $31.75 Be the first one to write a review
64 SRM | 25 +/- I.B.U.s | 4.0% ABV

This recipe does not include brewers yeast. We suggest Danstar Windsor or White Labs WLP013
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Cream of the Crop is a sweet, very dark, full bodied, medium strength Stout. Sweet Stout was borne from an age old tradition in England of sweetening Stouts, which in the 19th century were frequently very sour, with sugar at serving. Milk Stout is sweetened with an addition, in the kettle, of Lactose - a milk based Sugar that is unfermentable by beer yeast. Hoppiness is minimal, emphasizing the sweetness. An excellent choice for Brewers with a sweet tooth.
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