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Jumbo Coarse Nylon Fruit Bag SKU: BAG-WJ Price: $6.39 Jumbo Coarse Nylon Fruit Bag
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These are reusable nylon bags that can be used to hold the fruit during the primary fermentation stage of wine making. The coarse texture of this bag will retain most of the fruit so that the bag and the fruit can be removed at the end of the primary stage, thus making the racking process easier. The fruit in the bag can then be pressed to release the retained juices.

Back wash well. Sanitize if you wish. Hang up so it can air dry. Never put away wet and it won't mold or mildew. Discoloration will occur with use but will not impart off flavor. Always sanitize prior to using. Limit exposure to bleach and other sanitizers, as they could cause the nylon to break down and become subject to tears.

18" x 32" This bag does not come with a drawstring.
Jumbo Coarse Nylon Fruit Bag
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Jumbo Coarse Nylon Fruit Bag
Use for BIAB and fruit12/28/2015
By Dave
I have used this product many times over the last 2 years, probably to the tune of 2 dozen times, for wine and beer. As a BIAB, I typically would use 8# of grain or less, the larger grain bills I would use the bag in the preforated insert (steamer basket) for my 9 gal boil kettle which would add extra support for draining and sparging. It is quite discolored after using it last month to steep 15# overripe bananas (slimy goop). The seams are still holding and I must say it is a versatile bag... well worth the money.