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#9 Altec Synthetic Corks

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#9 Long Composite Corks

#9 Nomacorc® Synthetic Corks
Short - 1 1/2 inch
37mm x 22mm

9_short_nomacorc_orks.jpg (80344 bytes) We have found the best cork for protecting your wine, when using any of our hand corkers - we can now offer you the #1 synthetic cork on the market!

"What’s so special about these corks?" you ask.

The answer is the manufacturing process. Other types of synthetic corks are injection molded which is a batch process that produces corks with variations in density and cell structure size resulting in inconsistent protection of your wine. Nomacorcs® are made by a unique, patented, co-extrusion process that binds the interior and exterior sections of the cork by heat adhesion. Extrusion molding is a continuous process that provides a very consistent quality, and every cork is exactly the same. Nomacorc® is simply a better closure because its uniform, small, closed cell structure creates a better barrier from oxygen and preserves the quality of your wine.

These corks are available in a form of 9 x 1½ chamfered cork, printed with the Nomacorc® logo. We’ve tested the corks and they work great with both the hand and floor corkers. These corks seal instantly and the bottle can be inverted for storage directly after corking. You can also use any common corkscrew to open your wine bottles. This is modern technology that preserves your wine and we are pleased to be able to offer it to you.

Not recommended for the Sanbri type corkers

Recommended Corking Procedures

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