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Fine Textured Nylon Bags
Fine Textured Nylon Bags SKU: BAG-NF-xxXxx Price: $6.29
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This is a reusable nylon bag with a drawstring that can be used to hold the hops, during the boiling process. The fine texture of this bag will retain 90-95% of the hops residue, thus eliminating the frustration of straining out a large portion of the hops with a funnel and screen. 8" x 9"

To retain even more hops in the bag, besides pulling the drawstring to form a gather, loop the drawstring around the bag a second time to make the gather even tighter.

Another simple task is to take a 3-4 inch length of coat hanger wire and form an 'S' shape. This can hook on the inside of the brew kettle and create a hook that the drawstring can be hung on which helps to keep the bag tighter and allows you to easily remove the bag at the end of the boiling process.

Back wash well. Sanitize if you wish. Hang up so it can air dry. Never put away wet and it won't mold or mildew. Discoloration will occur with use but will not impart off flavor. Always sanitize prior to using. Limit exposure to bleach and other sanitizers, as they could cause the nylon to break down and become subject to tears.
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