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Testing Equipment for Beer & Wine

Hydrometer-for-wine Brewmaster Select Sugar Scale Hydrometer SKU: HYD-BS-W Price: $12.79

Specially designed for novice beer and winemakers

Sugar Scale
Specific Gravity
Potential Alcohol
Refractometer.jpg Beer and Wine Refractometer SKU: REF-M Price: $56.79
HYD-P3.jpg Brewmaster Select Tripe Scale Hydrometer SKU: HYD-BS-B Price: $12.79

Specially designed for novice beer and winemakers

Sugar Scale
Specific Gravity
Potential Alcohol
proof-traille Proof & Traille SKU: PT-xxx Price: $9.99
PHM-CHK.jpg Checker I pH Meter SKU: PHM-CHK Price: $68.79
PHM-PHECTDS.jpg pH-EC-TDS pH Meter SKU: PHM-PH/EC/TDS Price: $219.99
wine-acid-test-kit.JPG Titration Acid Test Kit SKU: ATK-R Price: $13.29
laboratory-thermometer.jpg Laboratory Thermometer SKU: THE-L Price: $5.29
12" lab quality
dial-thermometer.jpg Bi-Metal Probe Thermometer SKU: THE-Pxx Price: $11.29
floating-thermometer.jpg Floating 10 Inch Thermometer SKU: THE-FR Price: $7.99
TI-K.jpg Titrets SO2 Test Kit SKU: TI-K Price: $25.79
TI-H.jpg Titrettor Holder SKU: TI-H Price: $11.59
vinometer Vinometer SKU: VIN-R Price: $5.99
Blichmann-Thermometer-Fahrenheit-Dial.jpg Blichmann Brewmometer Thermometer SKU: THE-12MPT-3D2P-FBE Price: $44.59
Blichmann-Adjustable-Angle-Weldness-Thermometer.jpg Blichmann Brewmometer with Adjustable Angle Dial SKU: THE-12MPT-3D2P-FABE Price: $92.39
blichmann-weldless-brewmometer-thermometer Blichmann Weldless Brewmometer Thermometer SKU: THE-14WL-3D2P-FBE Price: $45.99
Blichmann-Adjustable-Angle-Weldness-Thermometer.jpg Blichmann Weldless Brewmometer with Adjustable Angle Dial SKU: THE-14WL-3D2P-FABE Price: $92.59
1000ml-erlenmeyer-flask Erlenmeyer Flask SKU: ERL-xxxx Price: $16.59
Great for yeast starters
escali-agua-digital-scale Escali Aqua Digital Model Scales SKU: SCA-AQUA Price: $45.99
escali-avia-digital-model-scales.jpg Escali Avia Digital Model Scales SKU: SCA-AVIA Price: $68.99
Color is silver instead of the illustrated color of green.
Escali-Pennon-DigitalScales Escali Pennon Digital Scales SKU: SCA-PEN-S Price: $39.79
escali-primo-black-scale Escali Primo Digital Scale SKU: SCA-DP-xxx Price: $37.29
escali-spring-scale-red.jpg Estilo Spring Scales SKU: SCA-SE-xxx Price: $16.79
TES-G12-PB.jpg Glass Test Jar with Plastic Base SKU: TES-13*G Price: $6.99
TES-G12-PB.jpg Glass Test Jar with Plastic Base iwth Bumper SKU: TES-14*GB Price: $9.59
plastic-test-jar Plastic Test Jar SKU: TES-10*P Price: $4.59
TES-P12.jpg Plastic Test Jar with Screw on Base SKU: TES-12*PS Price: $5.79
thermeter-2-inch-probe Home Brew Kettle Thermometer with 3 inch Dial SKU: THE-12MPT-3Dxx Price: $41.59
HYD-P1.jpg Hydrometer Thermometer 00-08 Brix SKU: HYD-THE-00-08 Price: $29.99
HYD-P3.jpg Hydrometer Thermometer 16-24 Brix SKU: HYD-THE-16-24 Price: $29.99
ph-meter-buffer-solution-401 pH Meter 4.01 Buffer Solution SKU: PHM-401-xxxx Price: $2.59
ph-meter-buffer-solution-701 pH Meter 7.01 Buffer Solution SKU: PHM-701-xxxx Price: $2.59
pH Meter Electrode Cleaning Solution SKU: PHM-CS-xxx Price: $2.99
pH Meter Electrode Storage Solution SKU: PHM-SS-xxx Price: $2.99
stick-on-therm-vertical.jpg Stick-On Liquiid Crystal Thermometer SKU: THE-S-LCx Price: $3.29
Blichmann-Thrumometer.jpg Thrumometer by Blichmann Engineering SKU: THE-TM-xx Price: $28.79
acid-test-kit-syringe Titration Acid Test Kit Syringe SKU: ATKP-S Price: $1.99
ATK-RP.jpg Titration Phenolpthalein SKU: ATK-RP Price: $3.99
ATK-RSH.jpg Titration Sodium Hydroxide SKU: ATK-RSH Price: $6.79
TP-2844-W.jpg Acid Test Papers for Wine SKU: TP-2844-W Price: $9.79
TP-02100.jpg Acid Test Papers SKU: TP-02100 Price: $3.59
TP-4662-B.jpg Acid Test Papers for Beer SKU: TP-4662-B Price: $9.79
TP-10200-C.jpg Acid Test Papers for Chlorine SKU: TP-10200-C Price: $3.99
TP-050-I.jpg Acid Test Papers for Iodine SKU: TP-050-I Price: $7.59
9V-1A-AC-Adapter.jpg 9 Volt Adapter SKU: SCA-9VA Price: $12.79
Escali-L600-scale Escali L600 L-Series High Precision Scale SKU: SCA-L600 Price: $69.29
PH55pHMeter Milwaukee PH55 pH Meter SKU: PHM-55-M Price: $86.59
pipettes Disposible Transfer Pipettes SKU: PIP-04 Price: $3.99
4 pack
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