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5-gallon Used Ball Lock Cornelius Keg
5-gallon Used Ball Lock Cornelius Keg SKU: KEG-B05U Price: $69.99
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These kegs have been tested to insure that they do not leak pressure when filled with gas prior to shipping.

You will need to install new O-Rings.

You will need to rinse & treat the keg to eliminate odors and flavors.

Stickers and glue may be attached to the exterior of the kegs.

Nothing has been done to the exterior of the kegs to improve their appearance.

These kegs may have some dents and dings but nothing that impair their functionality.

They are "sold as is" but they have met our "high" standards before we sell them. They are shipped with pressure (shipments overseas require removal of the lid) and are triple checked, checked by a puller, a double checker and a packer to make sure the keg is holding pressure and the valve is working correctly.
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