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Belgian WitBier Home Brew ALL-GRAIN Recipe Kit
Belgian WitBier Home Brew ALL-GRAIN Recipe Kit SKU: Ax-BA-BWB Price: $42.29 On Sale! $35.95
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20 +/- I.B.U.s
4.0% ABV

This recipe requires expert technique and equipment.

Belgian Wit (white) was once in danger of becoming extinct, but has been revived by an American brewery in Texas. One of the palest ale styles, the beer is a light golden color with a white haze. Hops are seemingly absent, with only a slight bitterness to counter the sweet, acidic flavors. The body is light, but the beer has a sweet-tart balance brought on by the combination of wheat and barley malts, and a hint of bitter orange essence. It is a wonderful summer refreshment, but may be enjoyed year-round. The frothy head retention is sure to capture your attention, while the mild alcohol level will allow you to drink it heartily.

In the style of: Celis White, Blue Moon
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