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Wormwood Dried
Wormwood Dried SKU: F-WW-BB-01 Price: $3.79
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First of all: This herb is artemesia absinthim. This product contains the chemical thujone. The FDA does not approve of the sale of thujone containing products made from wormwood. Strangely enough, products containing thujone from sage oil (a much more potent source) are fine for consumption. Secondly, a certain mythology has sprung up around the use of Wormwood in the drink Absinthe by poets in 1920's Paris. The fact of the matter is, most Western European countries no longer ban the sale of Absinthe. People do not drink Absinthe in Europe because it causes hallucinations, but because of its taste. Drinks that properly use Wormwood display deep complexities beneath the initial bitterness. Properly made, a Wormwood beverage will have all the layers of flavor displayed we associate with hops. For the best possible confluence of flavor, use Wormwood in conjunction with Anise and Fennel. Mixed appropriately, you will understand what the age- old fuss over Absinthe is really about.
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