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Home Brewing Wine Making Swap Meet Yard Sale

What do you think about a Swap Meet / Yard Sale / Garage Sale / Flea Market where
you can sell, buy or swap anything related to beer, wine, mead, cider and etc.

Lovingly used homebrewing and wine making equipment & ingredients? 

AltBev will host such an event. We have accumulated a stockpile of equipment for which we would like to find new homes - a lot of draft equipment that we may have used just a few times - plus used equipment. And I'm sure you might have some items that you might want to dust off for sell or maybe there is something that you might be seeking for a bargain price.

You can even bring beer or wine or hops to swap.

We've set our initial meet for the first Saturday in June

June 1st

We already know that there will be some
draft equipment including regulars, towers, keg couplers, carboys, and
miscellaneous fermentation equipment
for beer & wine makers.

Bring a table and chairs or spread a blanket out.
Bring cash for the swap participants.

What do you think of this idea? Let us know.
Most importantly, if you would like to participate, you can email us
your wish list, your sell list and your swap list
and we will post them so patrons will know what to expect while protecting your privacy.
It will help to generate excitement about the event.


We will be posting what patrons have decided what they will be bringing to our event in this area.

We already know that there will be some
draft equipment including regulars, towers, keg couplers, carboys, and
miscellaneous fermentation equipment
for beer & wine makers.
Autographed copies of Charlie Parpazians 2nd Edition Complete Joy of Home Brewing by JF

For sale by John W.
Small refrigerator with temp. controller set up for fermenting lagers.
Lots of 3/8" tubing
Flip-top clear glass bottles in wooden crates. 750ml.
Large canning-style pressure cooker could be base for homemade still???

For swap or to buy John W.
5 gallon glass carboy plus ??? - for 6.5 gallon glass carboy

I'm definitely looking for a small thump keg 1-2 gallon size  By Zack B

Ron F will be offering the following:
8 gallon heavy stainless steel sparge tun with 3” dial thermometer and faucet; with copper mash sprinkler attachment. $80
turkey fryer propane burner for above. $30
Gott 5 gallon cooler mash tun with faucet and Phil’s false bottom. $25
26 quart aluminum brew pot (turkey fryer pot) $20
heavy 2 burner King Kooker propane stove $50
3/8” copper wort cooler with hose fittings $30
good 6” stainless steel strainer $3
small aquarium air pump with tubing and stainless steel airstone for wort aeration $8
(2) five gallon glass carboys $15 ea.
(2) 6.5 gallon plastic bucket fermenter with lid $15 ea.
6.5 gallon plastic bottling bucket with faucet $15
bottle filler tube $2
24” plastic spoon $3
carboy brush $4
sixteen 22oz. Bottles $10
(5) very nice stackable plywood bottle crates each with 24 bottles $20 each
(2) bags of bottle caps, each > 1 pound. $2 ea. $3/all
double lever capper $12
stand capper $20
wine corker $10
10 lb. Aluminum CO 2 cylinder with ~6 lbs. CO 2 $60
Cornelius CO 2 regulator $40
(4) ball lock Cornelius style kegs $35 ea.
Bag O’ Hoses: $50
(4) gas hoses w/keg fitting one end, nylon quick-connect fitting other
(4) beverage hoses w/keg fitting one end, picnic tap other
4-way gas manifold with gauge and 4 nylon quick-connectors
~6 feet 5/32”o.d. nylon tubing with fittings each end to run from regulator to manifold
Hygrometer $6
Floating thermometer $5
Ball keg o-ring kit $3
Beer pH test papers $4
20 qt. Walmart stainless stock pot w/aluminum lid $10
(2) bottle drying racks, each holds 27 bottles $12 for both
Homemade motorized grain crusher. Sits on 5 gal. bucket. Adjustable roll. $20
24” glass precision lab thermometer, 30-214ºF , 0.2º gradations, $40
Home Brewer’s Companion, Papazian. $4
New Complete Joy of Home Brewing, Papazian. $5
Brewing Lager Beer, Noonan. $6
Brew Ware, Lutzen & Stevens. $5
Better Beer & How to Brew It, Reese. $3
Designing Great Beers, Daniels. $10
The Brewer’s Companion, Mosher. $15


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