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Pipe Fittings

12-inch-femail-hose-barb Stainless Steel Female Fittings with Hose Bard SKU: 12FPTXxxHB*S Price: $4.29
12MPTx12HB 1/2" NPT x 1/2" BRASS BARB SKU: 12MPTX12HB*B Price: $7.59
stainless-steel-12MPTx12HB 1/2" NPT x 1/2" S/S BARB SKU: 12MPTX12HB*S Price: $7.29
12MPTx38HB 1/2" NPT x 3/8" BRASS BARB SKU: 12MPTX38HB*B Price: $7.29
stainless-steel-12MPTx38HB 1/2" NPT x 3/8" S/S BARB SKU: 12MPTX38HB*S Price: $4.59
14-inch-brass-plug Brass Plug Fittings SKU: 14MPT-P-B Price: $1.59
12mpt-hex-plug Stainless Steel Hex Plug Fitting SKU: 12MPT-PH*S Price: $3.79
Blichmann-Thermometer-Fahrenheit-Dial.jpg Blichmann Brewmometer Thermometer SKU: THE-12MPT-3D2P-FBE Price: $44.59
Blichmann-Adjustable-Angle-Weldness-Thermometer.jpg Blichmann Brewmometer with Adjustable Angle Dial SKU: THE-12MPT-3D2P-FABE Price: $92.39
thermeter-2-inch-probe Home Brew Kettle Thermometer with 3 inch Dial SKU: THE-12MPT-3Dxx Price: $41.59
draft-beer-Y-fitting CO2 Regulator Gas Y-Spliter SKU: 14MPTX14FPTX2*B Price: $7.79
quick-disconnect-female-FNPT Female Quick Disconnect Half Inch Female NPT SKU: QDFX12FMPT Price: $14.29
quick-disconnect-male-FNPT Male Quick Disconnect Half Inch Female NPT SKU: QDM-12FNPT Price: $11.59
quick-disconnect-male-MNPT Male Quick Disconnect Half Inch Male NPT SKU: QDM-12MNPT Price: $7.59
12-inch-street-elbow Stainless Steel Elbow Male to Female Fittings SKU: 12MPTX12FPT-E*S Price: $5.99
12-inch-male-MPT-hose-barb Stainless Steel Male Elbow to Hose Barb SKU: 12MPTXxxHB-E*S Price: $5.99
stainless-steel-lock-nut-1-2-inch-NPT.jpg Stainless Steel Lock Nut Fittings SKU: 12LN*S Price: $4.59
flat-stainless-steel-washers 7/8" S/S WASHER 1.5" OD SKU: W-78X1.5-S Price: $2.39
1-2-Inch-Stainless-Steel-Coupling Stainless Steel Coupling Fittings SKU: 12C*S Price: $3.29
1-2-inch-inch-1-2-inches Stainless Steel Nipple Fittings SKU: 12N-1.5*S Price: $7.29
Blickmann-quick-connector-12-elbow Blichmanns Elbowed Quick Connects SKU: QCB-12FXxxHBE Price: $16.99
3/8 inch and 1/2 inch
versions available
Blichmann-quick-connects-1-4-inch-flair Blichmanns Male Flair Quick Connects SKU: QCB-12FX14MF Price: $16.99
Blichmann-quick-connects-3-8-inch Blichmanns Quick Connects SKU: QCB-12FXxxHB Price: $15.29
3/8 inch and 1/2 inch
versions available
3-8-male-flair-3-8-MPT 3/8" Male Flair X 3/8" MTP SKU: 38MFX38MPT*B Price: $2.59
14MFx14MPT-check-valve 1/4" NPT REG. CHECK VALVE SKU: 14MFX14MPT-CV*B Price: $4.29
14MPTx38-hose-barb 1/4" NPT with Hose Barb SKU: 14MPTXxxHB-B Price: $1.59
14MFx14MPT 1/4" NPT x 1/4" MALE FLAIR SKU: 14MFX14MPT*B Price: $2.29
14MPTX38-INCH-COMPRESSION 1/4" NPT x 3/8" Compression Fitting SKU: 14MPTX38C*B Price: $4.29
draft-manifold-safety-relief-valve 1/4" SAFETY RELIEF VALVE SKU: 14MPT-SRV*S Price: $14.99
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