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Proper Yeast Starter
Proper Yeast Starter SKU: YS-PRO
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The packaging for our Yeast Starters comes from Munton's Dried Malt Extract (DME). Four (4) to five (5) ounces is the appropriate amount to use to make starters. It should be dissolved in 2 pints of water, which is then pasteurized by heat (at least 175 for 5 minutes) and allowed to cool to normal pitching temperatures 70 to 75 before adding the activated yeast pouch or the yeast tube. An Erlenmeyer flask make excellent starter bottles. The resulting starter could have a yeast cell population in 1/4 BILLION count range. Pitching an active yeast starter should reduce the lag time on a fresh yeast to a very hours while renewing an older yeast to activation to 8 - 12 hours.

We now offer 3 sizes, 2 sizes in ziplock bags.
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