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Red Star Premier Blanc Wine Yeast
Red Star Premier Blanc Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-PB Price: $1.29
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formerly known as Red Star Pasteur Champagne

Selected by the Pasteur Institute of Paris. Largely used in the United States.

Fermentative Properties:
Particularly strong yeast strain with a high alcohol tolerance (> 16% vol.)

Low volatile acidity and acetaldehyde production.

Good resistance to low temperature fermentation (14C).

Low nutrient requirements (nitrogen and fatty acids).

Organoleptic Properties:
This yeast strain confers body and roundness thanks to its high glycerol production and promotes the development of fresh and clean aromas.

Allows obtaining pure and pleasant aromas thanks to a straight fermentation.

Excellent for the production of white thermo regulated and sparkling wines.

Ideal for wines produced in large quantity or production of young wines.

Production of high alcohol white and red wines, in which the winemaker wants to keep freshness and varietal aromas while controlling fermentation temperature.

Pasteur Champagne is one of the best strains to avoid sluggish fermentation and to restart stuck ones with remaining residual sugars thanks to its ability to assimilate fructose and resistance to alcohol.

Recommended for the production of sparkling wines processed by traditional or Charmat methods.

How to Use

1 pack per 5-6 gallons
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