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Red Star Premier Classique Wine Yeast
Red Star Premier Classique Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-PCL Price: $1.29
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Formerly Red Star Montrachet

First yeast strain selected by the University of Davis, California. Largely used in the United States.

Fermentative Properties:
This strain guaranties a quick start of the fermentation by rapidly settling into the must faced with indigenous microflora.

Good alcohol resistance (till 15% vol.) and specially recommended for fermentation without temperature control due to its ability to ferment within a large temperature range (15C to 35C, 59F to 95F).

Optimum resistance to all nutritional deficiencies (musts poor in available nitrogen) and to difficult conditions (strongly clarified musts, high SO2 content).

Organoleptic Properties:
Neutral strain regarding the aromatic profile. Variety respect.

Selected for its ability to give very clean aromas and characterized by a low production of volatile acidity and acetaldehyde.

Ideal strain for big volumes of wine when winemakers are mainly looking for a secure fermentation.

Well adapted to the production of high quality red and white wines, in which varietal aroma complexity is desired.

Optimum for the production of full-bodied red and white wines.

How to Use

1 pack per 5-6 gallons
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