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Sell Us Belgian Witbier Home Brew Extract Recipe Kit
Sell Us Belgian Witbier Home Brew Extract Recipe Kit SKU: T-BA-SUB Price: $43.99 On Sale! $37.39
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15 +/- I.B.U.s
4.0% ABV

Sell Us Belgian Witbier is an example of the Belgian Wit ("white") beer. The use of wheat malt for approximately 45% of the grain bill leads to the cloudy, "white" appearance. Adding orange peel and coriander seed makes a tart, thirst quenching summer beverage.

In the style of: Celis White, Blue Moon
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Great Belgian Wheat 02/05/2015
I have made this recipe kit several times. This is one of my families favorites and I can't keep enough of it made!
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