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Ball Valves & Weld-less Kits

BV-S3-012.jpg 3-piece Stainless Steel 1/2" MPT Ball Valve SKU: BV-S3-012 Price: $21.79
stainless-steel-ball-valve.jpg Stainless Steel 1/2" MPT Ball Valve SKU: BV-S-012 Price: $14.29
blichmann-weldless-brewmometer-thermometer Blichmann Weldless Brewmometer Thermometer SKU: THE-14WL-3D2P-FBE Price: $45.99
Blichmann-Adjustable-Angle-Weldness-Thermometer.jpg Blichmann Weldless Brewmometer with Adjustable Angle Dial SKU: THE-14WL-3D2P-FABE Price: $92.59
weldless-bulkhead Weldless Stainless Steel half inch Ball Valve Bulkhead Kit SKU: WL-BH Price: $14.29
CK-BH.jpg Cooler Kit Bulkhead SKU: CK-BH Price: $15.29
weldless-thermometer-fittings Weld-Less Kettle Thermometer Bulkhead SKU: WL-KTH Price: $8.29
stainless-steel-lock-nut-1-2-inch-NPT.jpg Stainless Steel Lock Nut Fittings SKU: 12LN*S Price: $4.59
1-2-Inch-Stainless-Steel-Coupling Stainless Steel Coupling Fittings SKU: 12C*S Price: $3.29
flat-stainless-steel-washers 7/8" S/S WASHER 1.5" OD SKU: W-78X1.5-S Price: $2.39
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