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Brew Magazine 25 Home Brew Projects
Brew Magazine 25 Home Brew Projects SKU: MAG-B-25HBP Price: $9.99 On Sale! $6.49
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The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself guide for homebrewers! Includes the best projects stories to run in BYO magazine over the past 16 years! All projects include a parts & tools list as well as detailed instructions on the build and pictures to help guide you through the project.

25 project plans include:
Cooler Mash Tun
Continuous Sparging System
Countertop All-Grain System
Electric Heat Stick
Convert Brew Pot to Kettle
Convert Keg to Kettle
Counterpressure Bottle Filler
Portable Kegerator
Rebuild a Keg & Spunding Valve
Counterflow Wort Chiller
Recirculating Wort Chiller
Carboy Spray Wand
Keg & Carboy Cleaner
Tap Handles
Home Kegerator
Nitro Kegerator
Glycol Fermenter
Inline Aerator
Yeast Stir Plate
Inline Thermometer
Pump Toolbox Combination
Water Filter
Randall-Style Hop Filter
French Press Hopback
Hop Dryer
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