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Brewers Heating Belt
Brewers Heating Belt SKU: BBE-E Price: $35.59
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A heating belt used to keep the temperature of your brew up to proper temperature when fermenting in cooler temperatures. These belts normally produce about 20 watts and their position on the bucket or carboy determine the amount of heat is put into your brew. The lower the belt is on the fermenting vessel the more heat is absorbed.

It will maintain 75 to 80 temperatures for beer or wine for up to 8 days.

These cautions appear on the packaging of this product:

DO NOT leave the belt plugged in for more than 8 consecutive days.

DO NOT cover the belt with a blanket or any other covering. This could cause it to overheat.

DO NOT store flammable objects near the belt while in use.

DO NOT use the belt in a room temperature that rises above 75.

DO NOT attempt to attach the belt to any container below the level of liquid in the container. Glass could break, plastic could melt, etc
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