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Bulk Priming

Bulk Priming

Bulk priming always lends a more consistent carbonation than individual priming, as long as you remember to stir.

When you are ready to bottle, transfer the beer from the carboy back to the sanitized primary fermenter - preferably one that is attached with a bottling spigot.

While the transfer is taking place, dissolve the desirable amount of priming sugar in a cup of boiling water.  During the transfer, use the lid to cover as much as of the exposed surface area as possible to prevent airborne contamination.

With the completion of the transfer and the sugar dissolved, pour the sugar solution into the bucket and stir well.

Attach the 3’ section of tubing to the bottling spigot, and to other end attach the bottle filler.

Open the bottle spigot allowing the flow of beer to be controlled by the valve on the bottle filler.  Hold the valve end of the bottle filler above the level of beer inside the bottling bucket. Depress the valve allowing the beer to fill the tubing to level of beer in the bucket. Lower the bottle filler tip to a level that is lower than the beer in the fermenter, while depressing the valve. This will purge the all the air from the system.

Rinse the exterior of the bottle filler with sanitizer and rinse solution where physical contact was made while purging the air from the bottling line.

Stir the beer well, and start bottling.  The 3’ section of tubing and bottle filler combination, which are in turn attached to the bottling spigot, are long enough to be used as stirring rod.

Stir at regular intervals to guarantee even carbonation (every 6-10 bottles).

Bulk Priming with Other Forms of Fermentables

Sugar Type 5-gallon Batch
brown sugar 2/3 Cup
cane or beet sugar 2/3 Cup
dextrose 3/4 Cup
dried malt extract 1 1/4 Cup
honey 1/2 Cup
maple syrup 1 1/4 Cup
molasses 1 Cup

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