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Carbonating Bottle Beer

Carbonation comes from 2 things: 
the amount of sugar added at bottling and 
the fill level of the bottles. 

Most brewers, that BULK PRIME, will use 3/4 cup of sugar except on VERY high gravity beers (i.e. Russian Imperial Stout). This carbonation level is most appropriate for English style beers. 

Others will use 1 cup of sugar which develops a higher carbonation level that is more appropriate for German & American styles. 

Brewers that use bottle fillers are going to achieve a fill level of 1.5 inches from the rim of the bottle. Bottles filled 1 inch from the rim will be less carbonated. Bottles filled 2 inches from the rim will be more carbonated. 

We include 1 cup of sugar in our recipes so that you will have enough sugar, without a side order, to be to use as you deem appropriate not because we want you to use 1 cup on every recipe. 

Individual that INDIVIDUAL BOTTLE PRIME, will need the entire cup of sugar and may still run out when adding the sugar at the recommended rate of ONE LEVEL TEASPOON OF SUGAR PER BOTTLE. 

To determine your carbonation wants when BULK PRIMING: choose to add either 3/4 cup or 1 cup of sugar When filling the bottles, vary the fill levels - 10 bottles 1 inch from the rim - 10 bottles 2 inch from the rim - the rest at 1.5 inches from the rim. When you start sampling, keep some of each around long enough to get you into the time frame that will allow you to determine the proper fill level for the beers that you will make in the future. 

Bottled beer should be stored in an environment that is in the 68-72 degree range for 2 weeks to allow for conditioning.

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