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Honey for Making Meads and Ales

You should be able to find everything that you will need for making meads.

honey-jug Alfalfa Honey SKU: HON-ALF-xx Price: $9.59
Alfalfa honey has a delicate flavor that isnít overpowering and often tastes slightly grassy with hints of vanilla.
honey-jug Blossom Hill Honey SKU: HON-BH-xx Price: $8.79

This has the light, classic flavor of a traditional honey and is a common substitute for clover honey.

honey-jug Clover Honey SKU: HON-CLO-xx Price: $9.59

Clover honey is popular due to its sweet, mildly floral taste.

It’s mild in taste and light in color, making it a popular choice among honey enthusiasts.

honey-jug Extra Light Amber Honey SKU: HON-XLA-xx Price: $7.99

Extra Light Amber Honey has a strong, floral flavor that is a perfect ingredient to make a pound cake, or to sweeten a tangy sauce. As a blend of wildflower honey, it maintains its honey profile when making meads and ale-meads.

honey-jug Orange Blossom Honey SKU: HON-OB-xx Price: $8.59
A good variety honey for making mead, honey wines and ale meads.
honey-jug Wild Flower Honey SKU: HON-WF-xx Price: $8.79
Sweet amber honey that will vary in flavor, color and taste.
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