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Honey for Making Meads and Ales

You should be able to find everything that you will need for making meads.

honey-jug Alfalfa Honey SKU: HON-ALF-xx Price: $9.59
Alfalfa honey has a delicate flavor that isnít overpowering and often tastes slightly grassy with hints of vanilla.
honey-jug Blossom Hill Honey SKU: HON-BH-xx Price: $8.79

This has the light, classic flavor of a traditional honey and is a common substitute for clover honey.

honey-jug Brazilian Wild Flower Honey SKU: HON-WF-BO-xx Price: $12.29
Rain forest honey!

Very aromatic, herbal, floral herbaceous & orange peels. Sweet!
honey-jug Buckwheat Honey SKU: HON-BW-xx Price: $12.29
Buckwheat honey is a highly nutritious honey made by bees that collect nectar from buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat has tiny flowers, which means bees that make buckwheat honey have to work extra hard to collect enough nectar.
honey-jug Clover Honey SKU: HON-CLO-xx Price: $9.59

Clover honey is popular due to its sweet, mildly floral taste.

It’s mild in taste and light in color, making it a popular choice among honey enthusiasts.

honey-jug Extra Light Amber Honey SKU: HON-XLA-xx Price: $7.99

Extra Light Amber Honey has a strong, floral flavor that is a perfect ingredient to make a pound cake, or to sweeten a tangy sauce. As a blend of wildflower honey, it maintains its honey profile when making meads and ale-meads.

honey-jug Orange Blossom Honey SKU: HON-OB-xx Price: $8.59
A good variety honey for making mead, honey wines and ale meads.
honey-jug Wild Flower Honey SKU: HON-WF-xx Price: $8.79
Sweet amber honey that will vary in flavor, color and taste.
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