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Miscellaneous Home Beer Making Charts

Miscellaneous Brewing Charts

Bulk Priming Options
Malt / Sugar Values
Yields per batch of beer

Bulk Priming with Other Forms of Fermentables

Sugar Type 5-gallon Batch of Beer
CORN SUGAR (dextrose) 3/4 Cup
brown sugar 2/3 Cup
cane or beet sugar 2/3 Cup
dried malt extract 1 1/4 Cup
honey 1 Cup
maple syrup 1 1/4 Cup
molasses 1 Cup

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Malt and Sugar Values
Effect on specific gravity of one pound of the following ingredients per gallon of water.
Grain yields will vary in accordance to the efficiency of your grinding, mashing and sparging system
Brown Sugar 1.045
Cane Sugar 1.045
Carapils (Dextrine) Malt 1.025
Corn Sugar 1.036
Crystal (Caramel) Malt 1.020
Dextrin Powder 1.045
Dry Malt Extract (DME) 1.045
Lager Malt 1.028
Malt Syrup 1.036
Mild Malt 1.028
Munich Malt 1.025
Pale Malt 1.030
Rice Solids 1.045
Rice Syrup 1.036
Wheat Malt 1.028

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Yield per 5 gallon Batch of Beer

yields will vary slightly less than due to the elimination of sediment during transfers

48 (2 cases) - 12 ounce bottles

24 (2 cases) - 22 ounce bottles

36 (3 cases) - 16 ounce bottles

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