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On to Mashing

On to Mashing!

If your interest is in mashing, the biggest obstacle you will encounter is the requirements that evolve around the brewing of a 5 or 10 gallon batch of all-grain beer. The process is not at all difficult, but it does require more equipment.

You will need a stronger heat source than the electric range that you might be using for brewing your extract batches. We would recommend a propane cooker (item # PRO-CS or PRO-CJ).

You will need a means by which you can chill the batch temperature down to an acceptable pitching temperature. A kitchen sink ice bath just won’t do the trick on a full five gallons. We recommend the Super chiller (item # CHI-S), which will perform this function in approximately 30+ minutes.

You will also need a vessel for holding the mash - A 40qt stock pot with ball valve (item # SBP-40V) and a false bottom (item # SBP-FB). Call our advice line for further options.

You will need a means by which you can easily crack 8-20 pounds of grain and not be totally exhausted. A mill such as the Phil’s Mill (item # MIL-P) or the Corona (item # MIL-C) will be acceptable.

Call us and we’ll make other recommendations 

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