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Pilsner Malts

Base malt can be used up to 100% of grist. Color and flavor will vary one malt house to another.
Briess-2-row-malt Pilsen Malt American Briess SKU: M-PLAB-xx Price: $2.09
Flavor: Clean, sweet, mild malty
Use: All beer styles
Color: 1.8 Loviband
rahr-2-row-malt Premium Pilsner Malt American Rahr SKU: M-PLPAR-xx Price: $1.79
Weyermann-bohemian-pilsner-malt Bohemian Pilsner Malt German Weyermann SKU: M-PLBPGW-xx Price: $2.69
Weyermann-bohemian-pilsner-malt Pilsner Floor Malted Bohemian Malt German Weyermann SKU: M-PLFMGW-xx Price: $2.69
Avangard-Pilsner-Malt Pilsner Malt German Avangard SKU: M-PLGA-xx Price: $2.19
Weyermann-bohemian-pilsner-malt Pilsner Malt German Weyermann SKU: M-PLGW-xx Price: $2.49
Dingemans-pilsen-malt Pilsner Malt Belgian Dingeman SKU: M-PLBD-xx Price: $2.39
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