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Bags & Straining Fermentation Equipment

Brew-in-a-bag-bag Canvas Brew-in-a-Bag SKU: BIAB-C-xxx Price: $39.99
large-nylon-sparging-bag.jpg Nylon Brew-in-a-Bag SKU: BIAB-N-xxx Price: $13.59
BAG-WJ.jpg Coarse Textured Nylon Bags SKU: BAG-NC-xxXxx Price: $2.99
Average rating:
average rating 100%

18" X 32"

Ideal for making fruit wines

BAG-HN-08X09.jpg Fine Textured Nylon Bags SKU: BAG-NF-xxXxx Price: $6.29
elastic-filter-bag.JPG Fine Textured Brew Bucket Elastic Straining Bag SKU: BAG-EF Price: $8.99
BAG-CC.jpg Cheese Cloth SKU: BAG-CC Price: $4.29
muslin-bags-2 Muslin Bags SKU: BAG-Mx-xx Price: $0.99
herb-ball.jpg Herb Ball SKU: HER-B Price: $5.29
anti-splash-funnel Anti-Splash Filter Funnel SKU: FUN-AS Price: $16.99
8" - 10" - 12"
filter screen included
funnel-screen Funnel with Filter Screen SKU: FUN-xxFS Price: $2.59
8" - 10" - 12"
filter screen included
10-inch-double-mesh-strainer Stainless Steel Strainers SKU: STR-xxxM Price: $14.29
funnel-screen-12 Screens for Filter Funnels SKU: FUN-Sx Price: $3.79
MAR-MIX-08.jpg Marbles SKU: MAR-MIX-08 Price: $3.79
BIAB-Locking-Ratchet-Pulley Pulley SKU: PUL-xxx Price: $7.29
Brew-in-a-bag pulley
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