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Fine Textured Brew Bucket Elastic Straining Bag
Fine Textured Brew Bucket Elastic Straining Bag SKU: BAG-EF Price: $8.99
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This is a reusable nylon bag made of fine mesh bag that can be stretched across the rim of the primary fermentation/bottling bucket for straining the wort of solids and hop particles that have no beneficial purpose during the fermentation process. Straining the wort allows you to make a cleaner beer and adheres more closely with techniques/theories followed by microbrewers & brewpubs. Straining the wort into the primary makes transfer to the carboy extremely easy.

To make the straining process goes easier with less chance of clogging up, secure the elastic straining bag as tight as possible across the rim of the bucket. This can be accomplished by the use of bungy cords.

As you may know, straining the wort is more important when the primary fermenter is a glass carboy. It can be very frustrating but yet potentially very messy if you don't (if the carboy blow-off mechanism clogs up). If you are presently straining the wort through a funnel and screen (either 8" or 12" model), the screen will clog up a dozen (plus) times. If you have incorporated our nylon hop bags into the boiling process to make straining easier, the screen will still clog up 3-4 times. AND every time a clogs occurs, your wort is being exposed to airborne contaminates at a most vulnerable time. To prevent contamination, you should put a lid on the brew kettle, and sanitized tinfoil over the funnel while you work underneath the tinfoil with a sanitized knife or spoon to clear the passage.
The use of this technique not only eliminates the solids, eliminates some frustrations, it also gives you the opportunity to verify the starting gravity of the batch. If you are fermenting in a 5 gallon glass, and you are not cooking the entire batch, you know that getting a good starting gravity reading is difficult if you don't allow time (at least 20-30 minutes) to elapse. Therefore, let the batch sit in the plastic bucket (protected) for 20-30 minutes. Stir well. Then take your hydrometer readings. And you will get the gravity readings that you were expecting.

Back wash well. Sanitize if you wish. Hang up so it can air dry. Never put away wet and it won't mold or mildew. Discoloration will occur with use but will not impart off flavor. Always sanitize prior to using. Limit exposure to bleach and other sanitizers, as they could cause the nylon to break down and become subject to tears.
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