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Copper Immersion Home Brew Wort Chiller
Copper Immersion Home Brew Wort Chiller SKU: CHI-IR-xx Price: $74.79
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Like the Super Chiller, this chiller is designed 3/8 inch flair theading to prevent leaky hoses that can dilute your wort.

Will cool 2-3 gallons of boiling wort in 7-10 minutes with occasional agitation. 5-gallons can be cooled to within 10 degrees of your water supply temperature in 20-30 minutes with occasional agitation. The single coil should be placed in the boiling wort during the last 5 minutes of the boil to sanitize it. The water should be turned to a slow flow rate, almost a trickle.

To utilize a kitchen faucet for your inlet water, you may need a faucet adapter.

Comes with:

1 - 25' foot coils with 3/8" male flare hose connectors,
1 - 4 or 8 foot inlet water hose with GHT connector and chiller connector,
1 - 4 or 8 foot outlet water hose with chiller connector on one end.
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