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Gift Ideas Under $100

aluminum-5-pound-CO2-tank 5 pound CO2 Tank SKU: CO2-T05N Price: $82.29
English-pint 90-Minute Double Pale Home Brew Extract Recipe Kit SKU: T-HG-90DP Price: $89.99
16 SRM
88 to 134 +/- IBU's
8.8% ABV
Some YEAST suggestions are on this kit’s product page.
Refractometer.jpg Beer and Wine Refractometer SKU: REF-M Price: $56.79
BeerLineCleanerKit Beer Line Cleaner Kit SKU: BLC-K Price: $55.99
Cleaning Kit
Faucet Brush &
Spanner Wrench
Brewer-Best-32-quart-Brew-Kettle Brewer's Best 32-Quart Home Brewing Pot SKU: BK-032-BB Price: $68.29
PHM-CHK.jpg Checker I pH Meter SKU: PHM-CHK Price: $68.79
Cholaca Cholaca® SKU: CLT-032 Price: $50.79
Unsweetened,pure liquid cacao.
CHI-R Copper Immersion Home Brew Wort Chiller SKU: CHI-IR-xx Price: $74.79
Comes with attached hoses.
500ml-flip-top-amber-bottles.jpg EZ Cap Beer Bottles - 1 Liter Amber SKU: BOT-FB-AL Price: $56.29
Case of 12 bottles

keg-king-dual-temp-contoller Keg King Dual Temperature Controller SKU: TEM-KK Price: $89.79
brewers-best-magnetic-stir-plate-3 Magnetic Stir Plate SKU: MSP-xx Price: $71.29
OXY-BS.jpg Oxygen Regulator Kit SKU: OXY-RK Price: $72.59
wine-glass-for-blush-wines RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Strawberry Sensation Wine Kit SKU: OB-SBYS Price: $79.99
Average rating:
average rating 80%
amber-pilsner-glass St Nick's Holiday Ale Home Brew Extract Recipe Kit SKU: T-SS-SNH Price: $66.99
16 SRM | 27 +/- I.B.U.s | 4.8% ABV

This recipe does not include brewers yeast.
1-handle-5-gallon-ball-lock-corney-keg Refurbished 1-Handle 5-gallon Ball Lock Keg SKU: KEG-B05R-1H Price: $99.99
Looks like NEW!

new-5-gallon-ball-lock-corney-keg Refurbished 5 Gallon Ball Lock Cornelius Keg SKU: KEG-B05R Price: $99.99
Looks like NEW!

used-5-gallon-ball-lock-corney-keg 5-gallon Used Ball Lock Cornelius Keg SKU: KEG-B05U Price: $69.99
KEG-P05R.jpg Refurbished 5-gallon Pin Lock Cornelius Keg SKU: KEG-P-P05R Price: $99.99
used-5-gallon-pin-lock-corney-keg 5-gallon Used Pin Lock Cornelius Keg SKU: KEG-P05U Price: $80.49
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