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False Bottoms, Hop Filters & Screens

Bayou-Classic-Kettle-False-Bottom Bayou Classic Kettle False Bottom SKU: FB-BC-xxx Price: $49.79 On Sale! $32.36
MFB-BS-06.jpg Bazooka Screens for Homebrewers SKU: 12MPT-BS-xxx Price: $9.59
Blichmann-False-Bottom.jpg Blichmann Stainless Steel False Bottom SKU: FB-BE-xxx Price: $91.99 On Sale! $59.79
false-bottom-mash-pad Home Brew False Bottom Mash Pad SKU: FB-MPxx Price: $9.59
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average rating 100%
Cut to size.

Use above false bottom to reduce time recirculating mash to achieve clarity
hinged-stainless-steel-false-bottom Hinged 13 inch False Bottom SKU: FB-H13*S Price: $113.99 On Sale! $74.09
polar-ware-false-bottom Polar Ware Stainless Steel False Bottom SKU: FB-PW-xxx Price: $104.99 On Sale! $68.24
Sanke-12-inch-stainless-steel-false-bottom Sanke 12 inch Stainless Steel False Bottom SKU: FB-SD12*S Price: $52.59 On Sale! $34.18
MFB-S09D.jpg Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom SKU: FB-Dxx*S Price: $34.99
wort-aerator WORT AERATOR SKU: MT-WA*P Price: $2.59
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