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Keg King Dual Temperature Controller
Keg King Dual Temperature Controller SKU: TEM-KK Price: $89.79
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Simply plug the controller into the wall outlet, the temperature sensor wire (which is 4' long) should be positioned through the door seal of the refrigerator/freezer to detect temperature. Plug the refrigerator/freezer into the controllers piggyback plug.

The controller senses the temperature and sends power to the refrigerator/freezer as needed to maintain the desired temperature.

The E-Z Temperature Control from Johnson Controls can maintain any temperature within the range of 20-80. It has a 3 1/2 differential, which means if you set the thermostat to 55, it will cool to 51 1/2, shut off, and wait for the temperature to rise to 55. Although the air temperature will fluctuate by 3 1/2, the temperature change of your beer will be insignificant.
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