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Cider Yeast

Yeast that are used for making cider.

The following yeast are listed alphabetically.

My personal favorites are the SafCider series and Lavlin D47.

Availability of Red Star yeast have been adversely effected by the VIRUS of 2020.
Safcider-AB-1-Yeast Safcider AB-1 Cider Yeast SKU: Y-CID-SC-AB-1 Price: $4.29
Right yeast for balanced cider
Safcider-AC-4-Yeast Safcider AC-4 Cider Yeast SKU: Y-CID-SC-AC-4 Price: $4.29
Ideal for fresh & crisp cider
Safcider-AS-2-Yeast Safcider AS-2 Cider Yeast SKU: Y-CID-SC-AS-2 Price: $4.29
To bring sweetness & Complexity to your cider
Safcider-TF-6-Yeast Safcider TF-6 Cider Yeast SKU: Y-CID-SC-TF-6 Price: $4.29
To maximize the fruitiness of your cider
Cider-House-Cider-Yeast.jpg Cider House Cider Yeast SKU: Y-CID-CH Price: $5.79
Mangrove-Jack-Cider-M02 Mangrove Jack M02 Cider Yeast SKU: Y-CID-MJ-M02 Price: $5.79
Lavlin71B Lalvin 71B-1122 Wine Yeast SKU: Y-LW-71B Price: $1.99
AKA 71B-1122
Lavlin-ICV-D47 Lalvin D47 Wine Yeast SKU: Y-LW-D47 Price: $1.99
Lavlin-EC-1118 Lalvin EC-1118 Wine Yeast SKU: Y-LW-EC Price: $1.99
Average rating:
average rating 100%
Lavlin-K1-V1116 Lalvin K1-V1116 Wine Yeast SKU: Y-LW-K1 Price: $1.99
Lavlin-BOURGOVIN-RC-212 Lalvin RC-212 Wine Yeast SKU: Y-LW-RC Price: $1.99
Red-Star-Cote-de-Blanc-wine-yeast Red Star Cote des Blanc Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-CB Price: $1.29
Red-Star-Premier-Blanc-wine-yeast Red Star Premier Blanc Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-PB Price: $1.29
formerly known as Red Star Pasteur Champagne
Red-Star-Premier-Classique-wine-yeast Red Star Premier Classique Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-PCL Price: $1.29
Formerly Red Star Montrachet
Red-Star-Premier-Cuvee-wine-yeast Red Star Premier Cuvee Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-PCU Price: $1.29
Red-Star-Premier-Rouge-wine-yeast Red Star Premier Rouge Wine Yeast SKU: Y-RS-PR Price: $1.29
formerly Red Star Pasteur Red wine yeast.
Availability of Red Star yeast have been adversely effected by the VIRUS of 2020.
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