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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

This ideas have been selected with the idea that they fit inside a Christmas Stocking.
Refractometer.jpg Beer and Wine Refractometer SKU: REF-M Price: $56.79
MAG-B-250CC.jpg Brew Magazine 250 Classic Clones SKU: MAG-B-250CC Price: $9.99 On Sale! $6.49

Lots of good recipes

Discounted 30%

cocoa-nibs Cacao Nibs Equadorian SKU: F-CNE-BS-xx Price: $4.29
Dark chocolate flavor
carboy-wedge.jpg Carboy Wedge SKU: CAR-W Price: $3.29
PHM-CHK.jpg Checker I pH Meter SKU: PHM-CHK Price: $68.79
CLARITY-FERM Clarity Ferm by White Labs SKU: CF-010 Price: $3.59
Prevents chill haze AND reduces glutens in beer!
long-chrome-draft-beer-handle Draft Beer Faucet Long Chrome Handle SKU: DFP-H-CL Price: $29.59
dual-function-bottle-filler Dual Function Bottle Filler SKU: BF-C-xx Price: $4.59
FerMonster-mini-mesh Fermonster Mini-Mesh SKU: CAR-FM-MMS Price: $4.99
This is a 3-gallon high tech plastic with many of the properties of glass as far as giving the contents protection from oxygen. This product has a wide mouth that allows for easy cleaning and it comes with a lid.
BAG-HN-08X09.jpg Fine Textured Nylon Bags SKU: BAG-NF-xxXxx Price: $6.29
perlick-clone-draft-faucet.jpg Forward Seal Draft Faucet SKU: DF-FS*S Price: $54.99
Perlick clone
gift-card GIFT CERTIFICATE SKU: GIFT Price: $1.00
herb-ball.jpg Herb Ball SKU: HER-B Price: $5.29
Hose-Clamp-Crimper Hose Clamp Crimper SKU: HC-C Price: $5.29
keg-lube-silicone-gel Keg Lube Silicone Gel SKU: KEG-LUBE Price: $4.99
CO2-W-OS.jpg Off-Set CO2 Wrench SKU: CO2-W-OS Price: $4.59
pin-lock-socket Socket for Pin Lock Cornelius Keg SKU: KEG-PS Price: $20.59
spray-bottle-8oz Spray Bottle SKU: SB-xxx Price: $3.99
The best way to keep sanitizer at your finger tips. The graduations makes it easy to fill correctly.
stainless-spoon.jpg Stainless Steel Spoon 21" SKU: SPO-21*S Price: $9.59
star-san Star San Sanitizer SKU: STAR-xxx Price: $7.79
stick-on-therm-vertical.jpg Stick-On Liquiid Crystal Thermometer SKU: THE-S-LCx Price: $3.29
airlock-3-piece.jpg Vinty Style 3-Piece Airlock SKU: AIR-VR Price: $2.29
3-piece airlock. Most desirable by winemakers because their ease of cleaning.
BOP-B-HB.jpg Wall Mount Beer Bottle Opener SKU: BOP-xx Price: $9.99
Wall Mountable.
Home Brew
DF-L-W.jpg Wrap Around Draft Beer Faucet Lock SKU: DF-L-W Price: $48.29
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